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When I came in the NL , I was searching for good hair oil. Due to the change in water, my hair was thinning. Then I came across *NaturallyU* hair oil and my life changed as well my hair!!

Since then I am using only this hair oil,  my hair got healthier and the growth also increased!! Truly happy with it... I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Being outside of India and still getting such amazing herbal hair oil is a blessing! Thanks NaturallyU!!



Rucha Naik Joshi



Ik ben super tevreden over de producten en de service. Bedankt!

Orange Flower

Isabelle - Pays Bas

Produits artisanaux d excellente qualite. Tres contente des produits recus.


NaturallyU's Castille body bath really works for me.   After pregnancy my skin has become too sensitive. So I am very scared to try any products with fragrance or chemicals. This one is fragrance free and is gentle on my face. My skin feels good and smooth. It cleanses my face without drying out. This has also helped to calm down my rosacea.I use this for my son as well. Very glad I came across this product and is my favorite now.


Samruddhi Kadam Sharma

Herb Infused Oils
Homemade Skin Care

I tried the Neem soap for a start and loved it. Since then I have tried different varieties of NaturallyU soaps. The remarkable thing about these soaps is that they are gentle and smooth on your skin and yet give a very good cleaning effect - leaving your skin clean but yet very soft to touch. The lather is rich and balanced and the aroma reflects the purity of ingredients, unlike the artificially fragranced soaps. I am impressed by the quality, have continued using it now for more than a year, and still love it.

Zia Rizvi

The hair oil by Naturally U has been a saviour for me for the past few years.. i have been constantly battling with severe hair loss which was also leading to mild balding along with my hair texture getting worse day by day. As recommended to me by one of my acquaintances, when i tried this oil it was no less than a miracle oil. Not only was my hair fall problem addressed but it helped in hair growth and revitalized the hair texture too. I definitely recommend this product as it has good a mixture of all the essentials required for good hair. 

Sreedevi Mahadevan

Natural Herbs
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