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With NaturallyU, explore Mother Earth’s precious gifts of beauty!


Hello! I am Deepti, a trained Ayurveda practitioner for skin, hair, and body care and well-being. Ayurveda is a remedial science from ancient India which explores the therapeutic and medicinal properties of the local fauna and flora. For centuries, before the arrival of modern western medicine in India, people trusted Ayurveda as their only source of treatment. 

My grandfather was an Ayurvedic healer who lived in Ujjain, a pilgrim city situated in Madhya Pradesh, Central India. He would cure people with nothing but his extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and medicinal herbs. My grandmother would make all the medicines in her own kitchen. As a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents' home. Hence, most of my childhood memories are with them…my love for natural herbs comes from those evening memories when I spent hours observing my grandparents serving long queues of sick people free of charge, concocting magic potions in their laboratory, their home kitchen! I was drawn unknowingly into the process and that fascination stayed with me…


I am also a trained yoga practitioner, and inner well-being is an essential part of my life. Yoga connects me to the universe in a way that I feel one with the existence. I try to bring out the same element of purity and bliss in my products so that they connect the users to the existence around them!

How was NaturallyU born?


In the winter of 2017, a fun soap-making activity with a friend led me to accidentally create a soap that turned out to be way beyond my expectations and was a super hit! Flashbacks and memories from my childhood soon took over and drove me to explore starting a venture to make beautiful soaps and cosmetics products using natural herbs. In 2018, a dear friend and I officially started NaturallyU, turning soap recipes into all-natural, chemical-free, hand-crafted products. She chose her own path eventually and I am now the sole owner and creator at NaturallyU!

How do I make my products?

I draw my inspiration from my childhood memories, and I make magical concoctions in my own kitchen. Albeit, maintaining all the hygiene standards, using separate containers and jars for this purpose. I work with vegetable oils, clay, herb-infused oils, essential oils, and natural herbs from all over the world to create all my products. You can rest assured that your product has not been sitting in a storage box for months before it reaches you and that it was crafted especially for you. We also accommodate individual preferences of ingredients based on specific skin requirements wherever possible!

NaturallyU’s vision

Everybody desires healthy and glowing skin and luscious, beautiful hair… no matter where you come from, no matter what your background. At NaturallyU, I graciously receive the blessings of Mother Earth and bring to you ancient Indian remedies in the form of soaps, creams, hair oils and more. And while sharing the Indian tradition I also make use of European traditions and culture in my products. I am a firm believer in the Indian idea of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the whole world is our family), therefore Inclusion is of massive value to me, and I would like to reach out to everybody who wants to make use of these ancient and timeless beauty secrets.

My purpose is to bring the Indian traditional wisdom of Ayurveda to Holland while keeping in mind the sensibilities of the European clientele. The products are freshly made to order so that they maintain their quality, texture, and delicate fragrance. Unlike store bought soaps, these boutique hand crafted soaps are made with ZERO chemicals to ensure that the nature’s goodness reaches our clients in the purest possible form. We walk together towards creating a more sustainable planet and ensure this not just by our eco-friendly products but also with our eco-friendly/ recyclable packaging.

What’s Next???

Wait no more! Explore our stunning line of products and make them yours today OR gift them to your loved ones and show them how much you care. Happy Holidays!

Soap-Making Workshops

 Looking for a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends? Or searching for fun recreational activities for your children's next birthday party? Try our signature soap-making workshops! Immerse yourself in the fine aroma of essential oils and have to yourselves a few zen hours. As a bonus, you get to create something special. Call Today for bookings!


Want to know more? Write to us!

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