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Nature’s Superfoods for your precious Skin & Hair!

NaturallyU is a handmade soaps and cosmetics business with a mind-blowing collection of skin and hair care products made from all-natural ingredients and ZERO chemicals or artificial flavours (No Paraben or SLS).  We can also make our products custom-made according to your preferences, fresh and local!

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Our Story

We started in 2018 with the purpose of bringing timeless Indian beauty secrets and techniques to European homes in a hassle-free format.  With time, NaturallyU has expanded its line of products to include ancient beauty secrets from Europe so that we can offer the BEST of nature’s precious gifts to our customers. 

OUR YES’s & NO’s


In line with our sustainability goal, we create only when there is a demand. Mass production involves the bulk purchase of raw materials, the use of chemicals, and huge storage spaces. Since we create ONLY when there is a direct demand from YOU, our customer, there is no question of storing products for months before they reach you. All our products are freshly hand-crafted specially for you.

We say YES to SELF-LOVE!


With the advent of cold, winter months, your skin longs for some extra Tender. Loving. Care. If you have always wondered about ancient Indian wisdom and beauty practices but did not know how to adopt them, YOU are in luck! Deepti, NaturallyU’s founder and creator of these products is a trained Ayurveda practitioner and combines her training with her extensive knowledge of herbs and oils. Bring a little tradition into your homes and make bath time an absolute bliss…


We believe in cruelty-free trade. Our products are made from all-natural ingredients, and we do recommend a patch-test. We DO NOT test our products on animals.


With the holiday season around the corner, try showing your favourite people that you truly care! They can be your friends, family, your partners, or even your task force at work who help you run the business as usual throughout the year… Our SUPER-LUXURIOUS pre-curated beauty boxes reach your loved ones wrapped in eco-friendly packaging and make them feel special and valued each time they use it. That’s a WIN for you too!  

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