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Do not miss out on this traditional exfoliating experience from NaturallyU…Your skin deserves it!


Ever wondered about the turmeric paste ceremony in Indian weddings? An exfoliating wonder and a proven charm for that angelic pre-wedding glow, Uptan is a friend of every Indian bride. Traditionally, the paste is made of gram flour (for exfoliation), turmeric (for antiseptic and healing properties), sandalwood (for fragrance, treating heat rashes and tanned skin) and rose petals (for hydrated and fresh-looking skin). Sounds heavenly! Doesn’t it? But how to apply this messy paste and exfoliate without an entourage of women helpers?? And what about cleaning the mess it leaves behind in your bathroom?!? NaturallyU brings this traditional Indian exfoliating ritual to you in a convenient soap scrub form. Now you can shine every day and look your best!

Uptan Zeep

€ 7,75Prijs

    • Probleemloze applicatie en exfoliatie.
    • Elke dag een stralende huid.
    • Gemaakt van alle natuurlijke ingrediënten en NUL chemicaliën.
    • Geen kunstmatige geur toegevoegd; geschikt voor mensen met gevoelige neuzen.
    • Milieuvriendelijke verpakkingen zorgen ervoor dat je associeert met duurzame producten.
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