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This special Bamboo face towels is  perfect to give final touch to your skincare routine.

Does your skincare routine involve washing your face? Then you need a towel to dry it off :-)

Our Bamboo Face Cloth is perfect for that!

  • It has the right size: not too small, not too large (72 x 33 cm)
  • Extra soft bamboo terry – great even for those with sensitive skin

Why would I need a separate towel for my face?

  • Because it’s better for your skin! Like it or not, bacteria do build up in towels and that’s why it’s recommended not to use the same towel for your face and for your body (or even worse, hands!). Your skin will be much happier with a separate face towel. And don’t forget to change it every other day or so.




Bamboo face towel

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