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Give your brittle and dull hair the tender loving care of Naturally-U’s Tribal Indian Hair Oil


Our very own years old recipe, based on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. Are hair-fall and dandruff giving you sleepless nights? Is it STRESS? Or POOR DIET? Or EXCESSIVE USE OF CHEMICALS or extended use of INFERIOR QUALITY HAIR PRODUCTS? Whatever the cause, pause and let our Tribal Indian hair oil work its magic! Our most in-demand product, we have the highest number of returning customers for this hair oil. Made with 13 rare medicinal herbs from India, this hair oil not only arrests hair-fall but also improves your hair and scalp quality and helps in faster hair growth, when used regularly.

Tribal Indian Hair Oil

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    • Controls hair-fall and promotes hair re-growth.
    • Hydrates itchy scalp and provides a relief from dandruff.
    • Luscious and thick locks of hair with regular use.
    • Made from all natural ingredients and ZERO chemicals.
    • No overpowering smells, unlike other store-bought hair-oils.
    • Eco-friendly packaging ensures that you associate with sustainable products.
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