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Get winter-ready skin with Naturally-U’s Goat Milk Rose Soap


The Goat milk soap is inspired by the European milkmaids of yore known for their chistled complexion. Goat milk exfoliates gently while maintaining your skin’s elasticity and prevents dryness, especially in colder climates. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, our goat milk is freshly sourced from local farms in Holland. Rose essence adds to the goat milk properties and together they help you keep a youthful appearance and get a supple skin texture. Lose yourself in the creamy goodness of nature’s abundance with fresh and hydrated skin!

Goat Milk Rose Soap

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    • Generously lathers for a pompous bath experience.
    • Rich in fatty acids, your solution to extra dry skin.
    • Made from all natural ingredients and ZERO chemicals, transfers to skin easily.
    • No artificial fragrance added
    • Eco-friendly packaging ensures that you associate with sustainable products.
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